Meet Kate

My aim is to help alleviate any symptoms by investigating, with you, the root cause of whatever issue caused you to reach out to me. The plan is about you, your body, your mind, your wellbeing and your education.

For wellness to become a lifestyle it has to fit into your day to day so we can together build good habits that you’ll see and feel changing your life for the better.

Alongside nutrition, I am also a fully qualified personal trainer, with a decade of experience. I pride myself on incorporating this knowledge into your plan so you take away skills and confidence to continue long after our journey.

The journey of nutrition is key to the lifestyle change you’ve always wanted.

I can provide the foundations for you to teach yourself and your family to have a healthy relationship with food.

Latest recipes – coming soon



Thin crust spinach pizza

20-25m | 174 Cals


Our favorite non-beef burger recipes

25-30m | 278 Cals


Creamy miso brussels sprout fettucine

35-40m | 352 Cals


Spicy fries with vegetables salsa

15-20m | 247 Cals


Let’s rethink what happiness looks like.

Why do we use how we look on the outside to define how we feel in the inside?

Managed to loose a few pounds before you had to fit into that bikini on your summer holiday? You feel great for the five minutes you spend looking at yourself in the mirror before heading to the beach. But what about afterwards? Guilt kicks in when normality resumes and you start that internal battle all over again.

What if we had the power to make ourselves feel incredible on the inside, and how we looked on the outside was a bi-product of internal balance?

What if I told you, you absolutely do?!

Let’s work on finding a healthy, balanced lifestyle that suits you as an actual person who has to live a realistic life with daily situations that will absolutely get in the way of calorie counting, measuring and weighing macronutrients, documenting every single morsel of food and drink that passes your lips. I mean, who has time for that?! I know I don’t. What I do have time for though, is educating myself in what foods benefit me and what foods don’t; exactly how much and what I need to eat to keep my low blood sugar levels balanced to avoid feeling tired. And guess what? From listening to my own body (and not anyone else who might be the same body shape as me, but is most definitely not functioning the same as me), I managed to ‘accidentally’ lose weight and maintain a healthy body inside and out, with little effort. And I continue to do so to this day.

Let’s not overthink things just because people or the media tells us to.

Let’s not get sucked into the latest fad diet or bloody booty plan that’s only outcome is lining the pocket of the person who’s selling it too you.

Let’s realise that everything you need to change the way you feel and look already lies within you.

Now, let’s work together on your journey to discover the best way to do this and maintain it for life. That’s it. No faffing. No gimmicks. Just investigation, research, patience, and willpower. Oh, and me, just for a little while; then you’ll have the resources to carry on for the rest of your fulfilled, healthy life.

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‘Why choose a Nutritional Therapist?’

There are many aspects of life which are important to us….our families; our health; our jobs. Definitely my top 3 anyway. So why do we only begin to look after ourselves when a problem arises? Why do we wait for something to go wrong before we act on things? Why don’t we support our minds and bodies as much as possible in order to maintain our health? Surely by doing this we can protect the fundamentals of life which are so important?…

Many questions there, right? Well, that’s where nutrition and lifestyle support comes in…



Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with an illness, I can tailor your daily lifestyle to help prevent further issues and alleviate symptoms by educating you on foods which can support your body and those that could cause further issues.



Perhaps you’re looking to lose weight or have recently lost weight, I can provide a nutrition plan and/or personal training sessions to start you off/continue on this journey which will enable you to make informed choices around food and gain the confidence to sustain this lifestyle change in the future.



I can provide support through illness, via investigation into the root cause, nutrients, supplementation and regular functional testing, to ensure your body is working to its optimum.

Areas I can help with

Skin Issues

Weight Management

Sleep Issues



Stress Management


Blood Sugar Management







Until you get your nutrition right, nothing is going to change.

My aim is to help alleviate any symptoms by investigating, with you, the root cause of whatever issue caused you to reach out to me. The plan is about you, your body, your mind, your wellbeing and your education.

By changing your diet , you can change your entire physiology.

Find out more how Kate can help change your relationship with food.